A forty-years presence in the fields of architectural and landscape design “ Luigi Ferrario – Architects ” Studio includes a team of collaborators, consultants and experts in the architecture industry, to provide structural and plants projects for both private and public clients.

Since 1986, the Studio is in charge of the planning and the direction of important public constructions such as: buildings, social housing, urban sites and environmental interventions. The Studio gives consultation to Public Bodies providing source funding tools and feasibility studies, conveniently designed and illustrated, in order to obtain the loans itself. A clear strategic methodology of intervention gave the possibility to achieve all the requested loans. The financed projects are considered special constructions and have all been carried out.

Since 1977, Luigi Ferrario drawn up with private houses, residential and commercial building also abroad. The architectural stylistic features of the great Modern Movement’s masters are being reinterpreted in a contemporary and innovative manner, by making reference to the Italian Masters and their modalities, which filtered the Rational Movement through a specific focus on the peculiarity of the site involved in the building process.

Since 1978, we design and manage monumental restoration, public and private projects, inside and outside Italy. The cultural reference is linked with the modern “ Conservation Theory ”, defined in Italy in the last century, with unavoidable connections with a unique readability, compatibility and transferability of the interventions. The business relations between the Studio, the Superintendences, the Commissions and other Public Bodies that are appointed to the safeguard of Architectural and Landscape Heritage/Assets have been characterized by mutual cooperation, sameness in objectives, purposes and language. All environmental and architectural restoration projects have obtained positive feedbacks by these Bodies, and have all been built.

Since 1981, many residential and commercial projects inside existing building were constructed; despite being build within preexisting environments, they keep their own (deliciously architectural) independent characters.

We also designed many objects: tables, sofas, handles, radiators, baths, showers, sinks, taps, of which “ John & Mary ” (Inox-steel health components) produced by Raspel S.p.a. and a whole serie of urban furnitures such as the “ Fenicia “ bench, produced by Moro S.r.l.

Since 1984, have been put in place, and curated, important architectural exhibitions and conferences, but also commercial and cultural temporary settings, designed and realized with innovative techniques and unreleased planning solutions that always added a useful value to the event’s communications.