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The Rubber Factory

Lonate Pozzolo – 1985/1987

The building, housing the offices of a firm producing rubberised wheels, consists in two blocks connected by an elevated passageway, has an articulated volumetry highlighted by the juxtaposition of different materials such as aluminium, steel, rubber, reconstituted granites, hammered grit and apparent concrete, and is handled in an idiom having a technological tendency, yet without hi – tech exaggerations.

The main body rises entirely above the solid foundation of the pre-existing building, rid of its old sloping roof.

“The new construction, executed with a supporting structure in steel and concrete cove floors, is conceived as a technological machine à travailler “(“Una tecnologia misurata”, in L’Arca, n° 73,July 1993)

The circular section of the office body was faced with real strips of rubber tread for lorries.

The technological image of the exterior is repeated inside by a large staircase, with a central supporting frame in steel with overlapping listels.

  • Project: Luigi Ferrario
  • Structures: Luigi Ferrario, Franco Tenti
  • Collaborators: Davide Cazzaniga
  • Products: Mapei
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