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Casa 19

The building is part of a rehabilitation plan and completes the triangular block between via Novara, via Paravia and via Celio. The big angular body with inner court is part and parcel of the urban fabric that surrounds it, there by creating a sort of catalytic environment.

The wood windows and the glass surfaces open the interior spaces to the surrounding urban landscape; the masonry partitions projecting perpendicularly separate the facades of the different bodies. Long terraces complete the building, screened by expanded metal rails; curvilinear iron frames looking like pergolas extend the zinc coverings. The curvilinear covers intersect in the angular element of the large terraces, above the transparent volume of the staircase which from the hall leads to the lower floors.

  • Project: Piergiorgio Fasoli e Luigi Ferrario
  • Collaborators: Keiko Kondo, Federico Sartorato, Carlo Gorelli, Ilira Maliqui
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