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Lake House

Stresa – 1992-2002/2006

A scarce intervention inside the outbuilding of a turn-of-the-century villa, preserving the original wooden frames and the many windows of the small construction looking onto the park greenery.

The house consists in to rooms separated from a central area above which the bed was placed, racked by a mobile iron stairway, as bare and minimal as the other furnishings.

The luminous sliding walls and the containers in translucid plastic, with the light flowing in from the window, cast special reflections on the wooden floor, creating in the rooms a refined lake atmosphere.

  • Restauro 6 – Lago Maggiore – 1992-2002/2006
  • Project: Luigi Ferrario
  • Collaborators: Stephen Paolo Citrone, Dario Saita
  • Products: Diafos Abet Laminati, Mapei
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