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One Side And The Other

Legnano – 1991/1996

As with the “Rubber Factory” and House 10”, the design of this building also implies “building upon built”, creating two new storeys supported by two pre-existing ones.

The frame of the new construction part is in vertical and horizontal steel; in strong contrast with the pre-existing building, which supports its elevated, open and transparent structure.

The outer façade traditional in style, is preserved and extended to the cornice of the adjoining building; whereas the inner façade borrows the features of the new architecture aggressively facing the courtyard ignoring the nextdoor buildings.

All the storeys of the construction are connected by an iron wood and glass stairway, which becomes the sole connecting element between the two architectures.

  • Project: Luigi Ferrario
  • Structures: Carlo Maria Colombo, Luigi Ferrario
  • Collaborators: Ilka Giller, Maurizio Passaretta, Dario Saita
  • Products: Mapei, Technopolymers
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