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Vertical Loft

Loft 4 – Milano S. Ambrogio – 1991/1993

Renovation of a single large space and of its basement; in this design “the materials, the furnishings”, the spaces and the “oppositions between full and empty”, “ cohabit in the subtlest of structural and dermal balances”.

The complex articulation of the spaces is distributed over four levels: entrance hall, living-dining room, on the ground floor; kitchen and study on the loft mezzanine; wardrobe closet on the mezzanine floor, and bedroom, bathroom, and small gym on the underground level.

A minimalist conception connotes the spaces with mezzanines and stairs in iron and wood, the sliding iron partitions and translucid plastic material, nearly invisible bare banisters, also inspiring the lighting densing.

“Therefore welcome to the ‘nothing’ of the minimalist house with all its structural rigour, its formal value, its refined atmosphere built around its few presences opposed to its many absences” (Luca Forno, “Luigi Ferrario Loft verticale, Milano”, in Domus n° 775, December 1993)

  • Project: Luigi Ferrario
  • Collaborators: Oriol Rosellò, Maurizio Passaretta, Dario Saita
  • Products Diafos Abet Laminati, Mapei, Rapsel, Runtal6
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